Grower Requirements


The General Order for the ILRP has been updated and may be updated in the future, which could cause the Grower Requirements to change.

  • Maintain a copy of the General Order at your place of business (digital or hard copy) and be familiar with its contents.
  • Participate in member outreach events (Minimum of 1 per year).
  • Cooperate in requested assistance for groundwater quality monitoring (testing from ag wells).
  • Assistance in development of management plans for water quality exceedances
  • Implement industry best management practices that are protective of surface and groundwater quality for a crop type
  • Maintain annual Third‐Party membership
  • Annual Forms:
    • Complete Farm Evaluation Plan
    • Complete Irrigation Nitrogen Management Plan
    • Complete Irrigation Nitrogen Management Plan Summary Form
    • Complete Sediment and Erosion Control Plan (if applicable)
    • Complete Drinking Well Water Requirement (if applicable)
    • Complete Management Practice Implementation Report (If applicable)