I am frustrated and do not want to sign up, what are the consequences?


Call the Regulators for more information about potential consequences – 559‐488‐4396.

Other Coalitions Example: (East San Joaquin Water Quality Coalition).

    • Range in Fines for Growers who ignored new General Order: $1,500 ‐ $9,000

As of 3 June 2014, your obtainment of regulatory coverage is 342 days overdue. The maximum penalty for the violation described above is three hundred forty‐two thousand dollars ($342,000) based on a calculation of the total number of per‐day violations times the statutory maximum penalty (342 total days of violation multiplied by $1,000). The Assistant Executive Officer of the Central Valley Water Board intends to issue a Complaint seeking an administrative civil liability assessment against you in the amount of two thousand eight hundred eighty dollars ($2,880) for this violation. This recommended penalty amount is based on information contained in the Central Valley Water Board’s files and takes into account the factors set forth in the State Water Resources Control Board’s Water Quality Enforcement Policy, including your culpability, cleanup and cooperation, history of violations, ability to pay and continue in business, and other factors as justice may require.