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Annual Forms

If you prefer to complete the annual forms offline, please download the documents via the links below.

Farm Evaluation

This form is due annually starting March 1st.

Irrigation and Nitrogen Management Plan (INMP) Worksheet

This form is to be kept at Farm Office.

Irrigation and Nitrogen Management Plan (INMP) Summary Report

This form is due annually starting March 1st.

Management Practice Implementation Report

This form is due annually starting March 1st.


Starting in 2020 all TBWQC growers are asked to complete the Priority Practices GROUNDWATER MANAGEMENT PRACTICE IMPLEMENTATION REPORT (PP GW MPIR).

This form will provide the Coalition feedback on Best Management Practices being used within the Tule Basin.

Download the hardcopy form or complete online through your member account.

Drinking Water Well

Starting in 2020 the Water Board is requiring all drinking water wells on enrolled parcels to be tested for nitrate-nitrite as N.

For additional information please visit the Water Boards website


TBWQC Membership Forms

Agent Release Form

This form communicates to the Coalition that the Farm Mangers are allowed access to the Landowner’s account.

Grower Requirement Schedule

The Grower Requirement Schedule shows when templates are due to the Coalition.

Sold Property Form

This notifies the Coalition that the landowner is no longer responsible for his or her property and the account needs updating.

Sediment Erosion

Only members who have been contacted by the Coalition are required to complete.