Templates / Forms

Annual Forms

2014 – 2019 Crop Year

(These forms will be removed after March 1st, 2020)

Farm Evaluation Survey (PDF)

This form is due Annual on March 1st.

Nitrogen Management Plan Worksheet (PDF / Excel)

Keep at Farm Office.

Nitrogen Management Plan  Summary (PDF)

Due annual on March 1st.

2020+ Crop Year

(Download forms for 2020+ crop years)

Irrigation Nitrogen Management Plan (PDF)

This form is due Annual on March 1st.

Farm Evaluation (PDF)

This form is due Annual on March 1st.

One-time Forms

Sediment Erosion Control Plan (PDF)

Only members who have been contacted by the Coalition are required to complete.

Want to complete forms online?

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Useful Resources

TBWQC Membership Forms

Agent Release Form

This form communicates to the Coalition that the Farm Mangers are allowed access to the Landowner’s account.

Grower Requirement Schedule

The Grower Requirement Schedule shows when templates are due to the Coalition.

Sold Property Form

This notifies the Coalition that the landowner is no longer responsible for his or her property and the account needs updating.


Boundary Map

Below you will find the approved Boundary Map for the TBWQC

Prior to joining the TBWQC, please verify that each parcel you own is within the TBWQC Boundary by viewing the map below (You may also Download map in PDF format). The Vulnerability Map is of the entire Tulare Lake Basin, which identifies each of the approved Coalitions and their website. On the regional map you can identify which other Coalition your property might be within. Please note that you can only join the Coalition of which your property is within.

Vulnerability Map

Regional Map

The map below contains the areas covered by all the other regional water quality coalitions

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