Nitrogen Management


Nitrogen Management Self Certification

Self Certification Course 2020-2021

Self Certification Continuing Education Courses 2020-2021


Grower Steps to Obtaining Online Continuing Education Credit

  1. Visits CURES website at to take their online course
  2. Find ‘Self-Study Courses’ and Choose video(s)/podcast(s) .
  3. Watch full video/podcast and once completed, Go back to CURES website to Find post-test
    • Located under each course description after ‘IMPORTANT’
  4. Take post-test and Enter contact information and Coalition information
    • Retake test as many times as you would like
    • Need a 70% or greater to pass and receive credit
  5. CURES sends grower a Certificate of Completion within 5 business days of completing the course
  6. Keep certificate for 3 years. No need to send it to anyone.


Vulnerability Map

Regional Map

The map below contains the areas covered by all the other regional water quality coalitions